00-5520-06, Telescopic 6 Locking Posi

PartNumber: 00-5520-06
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00-5520-06, Telescopic 6 Locking Posi
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Telescopic Multi-Positional Stays

The Cam-Stay from Camloc is a multi-positional, telescopic stay that offers fixed holding positions for a variety of applications where a weight needs to be supported and held at different angles.

Features & Benefits:

Easy to install and maintenance-free with universal holding slots that can be mounted up or down
Easy to use and reliable supporting up to 135 kg
Range of three models to select the most appropriate Cam-Stay for the job at hand

Cam-Stay Options:

The Cam-Stay telescopic stay is available in three versions:
1. Basic: 5 locking positions
2. Basic: 10 locking positions
3. Reversible: 6 locking positions

Cam-Stay Basic:

Extremely easy to operate, simply extend the arm slightly until it clicks into the desired place; to close, the stay needs to be fully extended before shutting.

Cam-Stay Reversible:

The Cam-Stay reversible option allows the stay to be closed from between any of the holding positions without the need to fully extend before closing.


Display or access panels
Machine guards
Tool boxes
Hospital beds

Lid and General Applications

Корпуса, шкафы и приспособления для хранения / Дверная фурнитура / Фиксаторы крышки и двери /
Camloc Gas Springs Clear Passivate Carbon Steel Lid Stay

Технические параметры

обработка поверхности
Clear Passivate
Carbon Steel

Дополнительная информация

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