0762144, Oxygen regulator multi st

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0762144, Oxygen regulator multi st
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GCE Multi Stage Regulators

This multistage oxygen regulator from GCE is designed to provide users with fluctuation-free, accurate delivery as required for precision applications – such as laboratory use or machine cutting.
The first stage reduces inlet pressure by more than 90% while the second-stage, large diaphragm ensures accurate delivery pressure.
In addition, this oxygen regulator features the ability to pipe away gases using the relief port valve.


Top-safe and accurate bulkhead 50 mm gauges
Body and first bonnet forged from high-quality brass
Non-adjustable safety valve
Inlet connections compliant with BN-341 Standards
Technical data marked permanently on the body
Maximum outlet pressure locked for safety
Powder-painted surface for maximum corrosion resistance
Non-detachable, ergonomic control knob

EN ISO 2503; EN ISO 7291; BS-341

Принадлежности для газовой сварки

Инструмент / Сварочное оборудование / Газосварочные горелки и принадлежности /
Gas Welding Regulator For Use With Oxygen 0-4 LPM

Технические параметры

для использования с
Oxygen 0-4 LPM
Accessory Type
Oxygen Regulator

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Operating Instructions