8010009010, PVC SLEEVING 5MM

PartNumber: 8010009010
Ном. номер: 8083658670
Производитель: SES
8010009010, PVC SLEEVING 5MM
Доступно на заказ более 2 уп. Отгрузка со склада в Москве 4-5 недель.
2 480 × = 2 480
Цена указана за упаковку из 25
от 15 уп. — 2 000 руб.


Flexible Sleeves_5101460_Normal Module Insulating Sleeves in PLIO®-SUPER PVC

PLIO®-SUPER PVC insulating sleeves are mainly used for the insulation and mechanical protection of electrical cables. They are also used for transporting fluids at low pressure and ambient temperature.
Withstand ozone, ageing and acids.
Do not spread flames in the event of a fire.
Available in various colours and diameters.
Supplied in 25 or 50 metre reels depending on the diameter.

Material: PVC
Dielectric strength: 20 kV/mm
Breaking strength: 24 N/mm 2
Elongation at break: 300%
Operating temperature: –20 °C → +90 °C
Flame resistance: UL 94-V2

Standard Sleeving

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Plio-super insulating sleeving Data Sheet 8010009010