9000005342, Clamp for 10mm cable dia

PartNumber: 9000005342
Ном. номер: 8097177688
Производитель: Harting
9000005342, Clamp for 10mm cable dia
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Ground Terminal and Clamps

Серия 8 - (Harting, типорезмер 24B) Range 8 - (Harting Size 24B)
These hoods and housings are compatible with appropriate inserts from the Han® D, DD, E, ES, EE, Com, D AV, E AV, and Modular series. The 'compatibility' table associated with item types 1 to 4 details that relationship by indicating the specific Harting insert series, together with a stock number typical of each insert range., Note: Only the Housing 114-8169 can be used with the Han D AV and E AV series. If selecting inserts from the Modular series, please note that six inserts are accommodated within these 24B housings.

Разъемы / Силовые разъемы / Принадлежности для силовых разъемов для работы в тяжелых условиях /
Clamp for 10mm cable dia Ground Terminal

Технические параметры

для использования с
Heavy Duty Power Connectors
Accessory Type
Ground Terminal Clamp
10 mm
размер резьбы

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Clamp for 10mm cable dia Ground Terminal