9620400301, EMC panel mount housing,1

PartNumber: 9620400301
Ном. номер: 8029277354
Производитель: Harting
9620400301, EMC panel mount housing,1
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4 990 × = 4 990


EMC Shielded Hoods and Housing (7) EMC Shielded Hoods and Housing
Ideal for sensitive interfaces that must be screened from electrical, magnetic or electromagnetic fields.

Metal bodied
Screening loss between -70dB and -80dB
Cable gland available separately, see stock no. 358-3609 and range


These connectors should not be mated or unmated under electrical load. Connectors of the same or different types arranged in a line should be polarised to prevent the possibility of wrong connection.

Серия 7 - (Harting, типорезмер 16B) Range 7 - (Harting Size 16B)
These hoods and housings are compatible with appropriate inserts from the Han D®, DD, E, ES EE, Com, HsB and Modular series. The 'compatibility' table associated with item types 1 to 4 details that relationship by indicating the specific Harting insert series, together with a stock number typical of each insert range. If selecting inserts from the Modular series, please note that four inserts are accommodated within these 16B housings.

Compatibility - Harting Size 16B
Inserts to Hoods and Housings
Insert SeriesHan DHan DDHan EHan ESHan EEHan HsBHan ComHan Modular
Poles40+PE72+PE16+PE16+PE32+PE6+PE4/0+PE, 4/2+PE, 6/12+PE4 modules
Inserts (typical RS stock no.) 114-8103 358-3671 114-8276 172-8541 282-9178 181-0943 172-8440

Разъемы / Силовые разъемы / Силовые разъемы для работы в тяжелых условиях /
Han B, Han EMC Power Connector Housing

Технические параметры

Han B, Han EMC
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Han Size B Hoods/Housing Technical Characteristics
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