09990000243, DIN-Tool Ersatzh se M

PartNumber: 09990000243
Ном. номер: 8059500775
Производитель: Harting
09990000243, DIN-Tool Ersatzh se M
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Harting Coaxial Contact Removal Tool, DIN 41612 Type M Connectors
This Coaxial contact removal tool is for the removal of special contacts from DIN 41612 male and female Type M connectors. Stock number 865-8379 is a replacement removal jacket.

Зажимное приспособление Harting Harting Support Tooling
The Harting 'standard' and Modular ranges of connectors that utilise crimp contacts have dedicated tooling to support them. All – with the exception of the locators – are illustrated here. The 'tooling guide' table provides confirmation of the correct tooling for each range.Note: Crimp tools 114-7706 and 313-6607 do not require separate locators. Locators - 114-7712, 114-7920 and 329-9843 are for use with the previous version of tool 114-7706 that required separate locators depending upon insert/contacts selected.Further note: For the 221-1779 to 221-1814 series of contacts – used with Han® EE, Han® Q, AND Han-Com® - use extraction tool– stock no. 313-6613. For other contacts use extraction tool– stock no. "('114-7728')""">114-7728. Use locator-stock no. 114-7920 for the 221-1779 to 221-1814 series of contacts, and locator- stock no. 114-7712 for all others. Additional note: Crimp tool– stock no. 517-4516 is for fibre optic contacts when used within the Han – Modular® Multicontact insert modules.RS do not currently supply these fibre optic contacts.

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DIN-Tool Ersatzh se M

Технические параметры

тип контакта
DIN 41612 Contact
полная длина
Type M

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