1-160301-9, Receptacle terminal,FASTO

PartNumber: 1-160301-9
Ном. номер: 8028853804
Производитель: TE Connectivity (Tyco)
1-160301-9, Receptacle terminal,FASTO
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TE Connectivity FASTON 250 Series Receptacle Crimp Terminals
FASTON 250 series straight crimp receptacle terminals designed for quick and efficient connection and reliability. These FASTON 250 receptacle terminals have a step down insulation support barrel to compensate for insulation thickness enabling the axial alignment of conductor strands to be maintained. Tapering walls at the rear of these FASTON 250 receptacles prevent over insertion of shoulderless tabs. The "F" style crimp terminations of these FASTON 250 series quick connect straight receptacle crimp terminals enable stable electrical and mechanical performance as well as resistance to vibration and corrosion

Terminal MaterialInsulation Material
Tin plated copper alloyNylon 6.6, polyethylene or polypropylene

A double action hand tool is available to crimp receptacles with a wire size range of 22-14 AWG - see stock number 246-6705

Experience over widespread segments of industry has proved this crimp to be the most effective way of assuring stable electrical & mechanical performance. Applied with matching tooling, the 'F' crimp offers precise tensile strength and conductivity that will last the life of the circuit. This method of termination also assures maximum resistance to vibration and corrosion.

Разъемы / Контакты обжимного типа и системы сращивания кабелей / Обжимные штепсельные розетки /
TE Connectivity FASTON .250 Series Crimp Receptacle, 6.35 x 0.81mm, 11 → 10 AWG, Tin Plated

Технические параметры

тип соединителя
Quick Disconnect Terminal
материал контактов
покрытие контактов
Шаг табуляции
6.35 x 0.81mm
сечение провода
11 → 10 AWG

Дополнительная информация

Terminal Rec 6.35mm 11-10AWG Faston