1-200835-1, Guide Socket M-Series

PartNumber: 1-200835-1
Ном. номер: 8032847014
Производитель: TE Connectivity (Tyco)
1-200835-1, Guide Socket M-Series
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TE Connectivity M Series Guide Pins and Sockets
M Series guide pins and sockets made from stainless steel. These guide pins and sockets are used for aligning connector halves during mating. Centre guide pins and sockets are used in housings that have a single mounting hole as well as in the centre hole of housings that have 3 or 4 mounting holes. Corner guide pins and sockets are for use in corner holes of housings that have 2 to 4 mounting holes but cannot be used in centre mounting holes.

TE Connectivity M Series TE Connectivity M Series Connector
Standard connectors are furnished as unloaded housings that have Multimate contact cavities for accepting Type II, Type
III+, and subminiature COAXICON crimp-type contacts, as well as Type III+ solder-type and posted contacts. All Multimate contacts are interchangeable in the same housing cavity.

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Guide Socket M-Series

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20 Position High Voltage Connectors
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Guide Socket

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Guide Socket M-Series