10-00099-01, Novibra M100B Vibration I

PartNumber: 10-00099-01
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10-00099-01, Novibra M100B Vibration I
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Novibra M-Mount
The Novibra M-mount is designed to give large deflection at low loads, while being compact in weight and easy to install. Its unique construction makes Novibra type M a high performance anti-vibration mounting.

Trelleborg Anti-Vibration Solutions make improvements people can feel, from smoother travel to a quieter, more efficient machine.
Developed using carefully selected materials and knowledge in polymer engineering, this range of anti-vibration mounts remove unwanted vibration and noise for key industries across the globe. With over 100 years experience in delivering high-quality products to market, you can be confident Trelleborg delivers a solution that you can rely on.

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Trelleborg Circular Anti-Vibration Mount, 10-00099-01 150kg, M10

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Novibra M-Mount
Anti-Vibration Mount

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Novibra M Mounting Datasheet