100042, Adjustable Safety Legs fo

PartNumber: 100042
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Производитель: Light Alloy
100042, Adjustable Safety Legs fo
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Adjustable Safety Legs
The Adjustable Safety Legs provide additonal stability for steps by increasing the overall footprint.

Bolt safely to the side of any box section stepladder
Simple and safe twist to lock mechanism
Self-levelling feet for uneven surfaces
Easy, retro-fitting safety device
Legs clamp flush to the stile when not in use - requires virtually no extra storage space

Please note the image shows the Safety Legs attached to lean-to ladder as an example of their use. Only the Safety Legs are included

Дополнительные комплектующие для лестниц и стремянок

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Adjustable Safety Legs for Extn Ladder

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Adjustable Safety Leg

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