10099114-001LF, QSFP+ cage 1X1

PartNumber: 10099114-001LF
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Производитель: FCI Connectors
10099114-001LF, QSFP+ cage 1X1
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QSFP Components - FCI
The FCI QSFP SMT terminated card edge connector has 38 positions with 0.8mm spaced contacts. The QSFP metal cage and EMI fingers are copper alloy with the cage being Nickel plated and the fingers Tin plated. The QSFP edge card connector and cage are designed to meet all signal integrity requirements and EMI requirements as defined by the SFF-8436 specification.

For associated accessories see stock number 721-1531 typical.

QSFP Connectors and Cable Assemblies - FCI
These FCI's QSFP ( Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable) connector and cable assemblies are designed to meet the needs of a high density cabling interconnection system. This QSFP system is capable of delivering an aggregate data bandwidth of 40 Gb/s. The FCI system is fully compliant with existing industry standard specifications such as the QSFP MSA and IBTA (InfiniBand Trade Association). The QSFP cables support the bandwidth transmission requirements as defined by IEEE 802.3ba (40 Gb/s) and Infiniband QDR ( 4x10 Gb/s per channel) specifications.

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QSFP+ cage 1X1

Технические параметры

длина клетки
число контактов
число портов
способ концевой заделки
Stacked Cage & Connector
Body Orientation
Right Angle
Cage Height
Cage Dimensions
21.25 x 58.72 x 11.4mm
Cage Width

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