102.552, Spacer - Aluminium - Grey

PartNumber: 102.552
Ном. номер: 8067402263
Производитель: Fischer Connectors
102.552, Spacer - Aluminium - Grey
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Fischer Connectors Spacer, Series 102

Fischer Connectors Multipole Push-Pull Low Voltage Circular Connectors
Fischer Connectors offer this concise range of push pull circular connectors specifically designed for applications that require secure and precise connector signal integrity. Ideal for military, avionics, automotive and many other connector applications that demand rugged performance, offered in cable mount and panel mount connector versions in 102, 103, 1031 and 104 series with various circular connector body type styles.

Разъемы / Инструмент и принадлежности для разъемов / Прокладки для разъемов /
SPACER, DEU, 0.5 - 3.0MM

Технические параметры

Для использования с
102 Series DEE Connector, 102 Series DEU Connector, 102 Series DKE Connector
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только новые товары