11799, ZnPt MS clevis pin,5/16 d

PartNumber: 11799
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Производитель: Anglian Fasteners
11799, ZnPt MS clevis pin,5/16 d
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Clevis Pins & Clips
Imperial size clevis pins and retaining clips manufactured from mild steel and bright zinc plated for corrosion resistance. Although mild steel retaining clips will maintain their shape

Clevis Pin and Retaining Clip are sold separately

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Working length of pin is less than nominal length
For 3/16 pins subtract 0·145in, for 1/4 pins 0·176, for 5/16 pins 0·224 and for 3/8 pins 0·25 from nominal length to find the working length
Diameter relates to the size of clevis pin it fits. The clip has wire diameter 1.2mm and is 24mm long.

Clevis and Split Pins

Фиксирующие и крепежные детали / Штифты, шпонки и фиксаторы / Штифты с головкой и отверстием для шпильки и пружинные защелки /
1-1/4in Bright Zinc Plated Steel Clevis Pin, 5/16in Diameter

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Bright Zinc Plated
Part Type
Clevis Pin

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