1210230341, Разъем Кабеля, Гидравлическими, пневматическими и электромагнитными клапанами

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1210230341, Разъем Кабеля, Гидравлическими ...
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The 1210230341 is a 3-pole mPm® right angle Field Attachable Connector with silver-plated brass contacts. It is made of polypropylene body. The external-thread DIN valve connector with an unsurpassed IP67 sealing properties and superior cable retention, increase performance, simplify manufacturing processes and reduce inventory. The mPm® range of DIN connector is used extensively to provide electrical connection in a wide range of applications. The most common application for mPm® DIN connector is in conjunction with pneumatic, hydraulic or electromagnetic devices, including solenoid valves. Other applications include, for example, pressure transducers, proximity switches, level sensors, limit switches and low energy motors.

• Black nitrile gasket and screw
• PG9 internal threads
• 16A Maximum current per contact
• 250VAC/300VDC Maximum voltage

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Гидравлическими, пневматическими и электромагнитными клапанами
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Разъем Кабеля

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