180030600, Enots comp fitting tubing

PartNumber: 180030600
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Производитель: Norgren
180030600, Enots comp fitting tubing
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Tubing Sleeve

Suitable for metallic tubing only

Трубопроводы, гайки и заглушки Sleeves, Nuts & Plugs
ENOTS compression fittings are ideal for most general industrial applications. Manufactured entirely from extruded brass bar or hot brass stampings, they can be used under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature, limited for all practical purposes only by the tubing selected. Rugged and durable.

Пневматика, гидравлика и элементы силовых передач / Пневматические переходники, фитинги и муфты / Муфты для пневматических переходников и фитингов /
Enots comp fitting tubing sleeve,6mm

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36 Series Metric Compression Fittings Data Sheet