1969980000, Съемная клеммная колодка, 3.81 мм, 6 вывод(-ов), 24 AWG, 16 AWG, 1.5 мм², Вставной

PartNumber: 1969980000
Ном. номер: 8023048712
Производитель: Weidmuller
1969980000, Съемная клеммная колодка ...
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The 1969980000 is a 6-pole black female PCB Plug-in Connector with push-in connection. The BCF 3.81/06/180 SN BK BX connector has tinned Cu-leg contact and a glass-filled 30 polyamide 66 insulator. Weidmüllers innovative connection system simplifies the wire connection process. It has high component density with the compact SCDN/SCDN-THR two-tier pin header and simplified processing due to integrated push buttons for opening the clamping unit. Intuitive handling - since the wire-entry area and handling area are clearly separated. Tool-free locking and releasing when using Weidmüllers patented release latch (LR). The Weidmüller plug-in connector having pitch 3.81mm is compatible with the layout of customary plug-in connectors, can be coded and provides space for printing.

• Safe from finger touch
• >=10⁸R Insulation resistance
• 6mR Volume resistance
• IP20 Protection
• DIN 5264 Standard screwdriver blade
• UL94V-0 Flammability
• -50 to 120°C Operating temperature range

Разъемы\Клеммные Колодки и Аксессуары\Вставные Клеммные Колодки
Код: 2077197

Технические параметры

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