1D493, 8 output DMX Relay board

PartNumber: 1D493
Ном. номер: 8083729260
Производитель: Milford Instruments
1D493, 8 output DMX Relay board
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DMX 8-Output Relay Board
The DMX relay board provides up to 8 digital outputs when connected to a DMX theatre control network.

Base address may be set to between 1 and 505
The board requires a 12V DC supply at 0.5A
Each relay is rated 10A at 240VAC
Board dimensions: 125x138 mm (5in x 5.4in)
DMX LED lit when a DMX signal is being received, flashing LED when no valid DMX signal stream is being received

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DMX Lighting Control

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RS 1D493 LED Driver For Use With DMX

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DMX Relay Board

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8 output DMX Relay board Data Sheet