20-101-0507, RCM3000 Core Module

PartNumber: 20-101-0507
Ном. номер: 8080598513
Производитель: Rabbit Semiconductor
20-101-0507, RCM3000 Core Module
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RCM3000 RabbitCore® module RCM3000 RabbitCore® module
The RCM3000 RabbitCore® is our powerful and feature-packed 10Base-T Ethernet microprocessor core module. Powered by the new Rabbit 3000™ the "EMI-Free microprocessor" the RCM3000 is the ideal option for designers who want to rapidly develop and implement embedded systems with fully integrated Ethernet connectivity.

Rabbit® 3000 microcontroller 29.4MHz, 512Kbyte Flash memory, 512Kbyte SRAM
Low-EMI for CE and other RF emissions tests
RJ-45 Ethernet socket
Fully enabled slave port permits easy master-slave interfacing with another processor-based system

Interface Modules

Компьютерная периферия / Встроенная вычислительная техника / Базовые модули /
Rabbit Semiconductor Rabbit 3000 CP 30MHz Core Module, 3.15 → 3.45V dc

Технические параметры

47 x 69.2 x 22mm
максимальная рабочая температура
Minimum Operating Temperature
напряжение (источника) питания
3.15 → 3.45V dc
Clock Speed
Supported I/O Interfaces
GPIO, Parallel
Included Features
Input Capture, Pulse Width Modulator, Quadrature Decoder, Real Time Clock, Slave Interface, Timers, Watchdog Timer
Onboard RAM Size
512 kB
Supported Bus Interfaces
Asynch, HDLC, IrDA, SPI
Supported Network Interfaces
10 Base-T
Core Processor
Rabbit 3000
Onboard RAM
512 kB SRAM
Onboard RAM Type
Onboard Flash Memory

Дополнительная информация

RCM3000 RabbitCore Microprocessor Core Module ...