PartNumber: 2011660
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Производитель: Laser Components
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The 2011660 is an iC-SY WK2D Laser Diode driver development kit based on iC-WK device. The iC-WK is a driver for laser diodes features wide power supply range of 2.4V to 6V and the integrated reverse battery protection allow for battery operation with a minimum of two cells. A reversed battery connection destroys neither the IC nor the laser diode. This iC-WKSO8 includes integrated circuitry protecting against destruction by ESD, excessive temperature, overcurrent and a soft start which regulates the power and protects the laser diode when the power supply is switched on. It also filters the laser diode power supply from transients. The power supply is regulated and adapted to the laser diode used by an external resistor at monitor input pin MDA (MD Anode).

• Control loop accuracy better than 1% with changes in temperature, supply voltage and load current
• Spike detection at monitor input MDA (MD Anode)
• Integrated reverse polarity protection for the IC and laser diode
• Modulation via the feedback inputs is possible
• Permanent shutdown with excessive temperature and overcurrent
• Rapid soft start after power on typical within 70s
• Simple power adjustment via the external resistor
• Strong suppression of transients with very small external capacitors, integrated flyback path
• Two feedback inputs permit all current LD types to be used (N/P/M configurations)
• Wide monitor current range from 2.5mA to 10A

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Код: 1272670

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Laser Components
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Драйвер Лазерного Диода
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Evaluation Board WK Module
Integrated Reverse Polarity Protection for the IC and Laser Diode

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Datasheet 2011660