2214F/2TDHO, Осевой Вентилятор, высокопроизводительный, шариковый, Серия 2200 FTD, 24 В DC, 220 мм, 51 мм

PartNumber: 2214F/2TDHO
Ном. номер: 8006868142
Производитель: Papst
2214F/2TDHO, Осевой Вентилятор, ...
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The 2200 FTD series S-Force compact DC Axial Fan produces 30% higher airflow, a 65% higher cooling density and is 27% thinner than comparable 200mm fans currently available on the market. Because the structural dimensions feature a compact flat design, a reliable cooling solution can easily be implemented within ATCA racks, thus freeing space for additional components. The 2200 FTD keeps momentum with the demands placed upon design engineers and ATCA requirements while maintaining ease of use and reliability through its integrated speed controlled motors designed to minimize the heat dissipation with up to 90% efficiency. The 2200 FTD compact fan exceeds present ATCA system cooling's and they do so quietly and efficiently with running times of 70.000 hours or more.

• Die-cast aluminium housing, GRP (PA) impeller
• Exhaust over struts direction of air flow
• Counter-clockwise direction of rotation
• Speed signal
• Go/No-Go alarm
• Alarm with speed limit
• External temperature sensor
• Internal temperature sensor
• PWM control input
• Analogue control input
• Multi-option control input
• Moisture protection
• Salt spray protection
• Highly efficient & smoothly operating 3P fan drive housing with grounding lug for screw M4x8 (Torx)

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Код: 2069792

Технические параметры

Линия Продукции
Серия 2200 FTD
Напряжение Питания
24В DC
Размер Рамы Вентилятора
Внешняя Глубина
Скорость Потока - Дюймовый
Скорость Потока - Метрический
Рейтинг Шума
Тип Подшипника
Тип Подключения Питания
2-жильные провода
Класс Мощности
41 Вт

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