2311159, FABCEL 200 Pad 150mm x 15

PartNumber: 2311159
Ном. номер: 8017585983
Производитель: Fabreeka
2311159, FABCEL 200 Pad 150mm x 15
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Fabcel Vibration Isolation Pads

High quality, scientifically-designed moulded anti-vibration and shock isolation pads measuring. They are ideal for machine mounting - simply cut and place the Fabcel material between the machine and the floor.

Fabcel pads have a low natural vertical and horizontal frequency, may be bonded together in layers to achieve specific isolation properties, and may also be easily cut to the desired size. Manufactured from nitrile rubber, Fabcel pads influence load deflection by changing shape (since nitrile rubber is essentially incompressible).

Moulded recessed offset-cells allow flow of rubber when under load
Provides positive grip for machine and foundation when under load
Resistant to most oils, water, steam and chemicals
Multiple layer Fabcel pad can be used to isolate low frequencies
Simple selection based on machine weight and area of mounting point

Stock NoTypeThickness (mm)Load RatingMax Working Temp °C
366-0150FABCEL25825 psi (0.18MPa)65
366-0194FABCEL50850 psi (0.35MPa)95
366-0188FABCEL1008100 psi (0.69MPa)95
366-0172FABCEL20013200 psi (1.40MPa)95
366-0166FABCEL30013300 psi (2.10MPa)95

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Fabreeka 150mm Anti-Vibration Pad 2311159 200psi Nitrile Rubber 150 x 150mm 13mm Isolation Pad 150mm

Технические параметры

Nitrile Rubber
150 x 150mm
Isolation Pad
Load Rating

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Fabcel Pads Data Sheet