2800905, Electronic 6A Breaker 1 P

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2800905, Electronic 6A Breaker 1 P
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Electronic Breaker

Phoenix Contact Circuit Breakers

Residual current devices

Miniature circuit breaker (MCB)
This is a circuit protection system similar to a fuse but which can be reset. Most circuit breakers have two operating modes:
a) Protection against thermal overload. This protects the device and wiring from damage caused by "long-term" overloads.
b) Protection against magnetic short circuit. Protects the device and wiring against high fault currents caused by catastrophic component failure. Most circuit breakers that do this are described as being "magneto-thermal". They are calibrated by a normal current output, normal nominal voltage and maximum fault current and fault voltages that are able to break the circuit safely and repeatedly.

A residual current device, sometimes called a Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB), Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (in the USA) has two specific functions: to help to protect systems and equipment from fires usually caused by low earth currents that flow from a phase to earth and that fuses or circuit breakers may not detect; to prevent lethal electric shocks to personnel by limiting (without eliminating) the quantity and duration of electric current leaking through the body. A residual current device does not provide protection for overload or short-circuit currents, and must be used in conjunction with conventional circuit-protection devices. These devices may all be included in the same housing, as with a Residual Current Breaker with Overload protection (RCBO).
How do residual current devices operate?
Though technologies vary from one manufacturer to another, the theory behind the technology is simple. All current that flows from a power supply down a live conductor must return to the power supply up a neutral conductor. A residual current device is connected in line with the live and neutral power supply, both of which are connected to the load, and detects differences in current between the live and neutral conductors. Current to the load is interrupted within a few milliseconds at a defined current. Current differences are caused by current returning to its power source through an earth.

Remember that some electrical equipment has low, naturally-occurring earth leakage current due to its design and electrical characteristics, for example filters for transient earth currents and fluorescent lighting devices (under humid conditions). Not all RCDs have the same rated power, and therefore faults on individual devices may be readily identified. If this variation did not exist and if all RCDs had the same rated power, it would be impossible to determine which switch in the chain would trip first due to component tolerances. Residual current devices must therefore be chosen carefully, taking the following into account:

Normal equipment leakage current
Maximum system leakage allowed (medical equipment often differs from equipment for industrial applications)
Switch rated
Circuit discrimination capacity
Personnel protection levels
System fuses to protect RCDs

RS Components offers a wide variety of RCD products in various formats, each having its specific advantages and applications. See this section.

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