3448-89140, 40 way strain relief clip

PartNumber: 3448-89140
Ном. номер: 8113163855
Производитель: 3M Group
3448-89140, 40 way strain relief clip
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51 × = 510
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Strain Relief Clips for 891 Series Sockets

For use with sockets stock no. 323-7845

Headers, Plugs and Sockets - 3M

IDC Termination - 3M
A cost effective range of connectors and accessories, with a choice of performance level, for use in industrial and commercial applications.

PCB mounting components are based on a 2.54mm grid pitch
Cable mounting connectors use 1.27mm pitch flat ribbon cable
See 3M IDC ribbon cable – typically stock no. 120-8413.
Dedicated tooling is also available

Разъемы / Инструмент и принадлежности для разъемов / Хомуты для разгрузки натяжения /
40 way strain relief clip for class3 skt

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891 Series
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