3PHASELV-KIT, Комплект управления низковольтными 3-фазными BLDC/PMSM двигателями

PartNumber: 3PHASELV-KIT
Ном. номер: 8000340050
Производитель: NXP Semiconductor
3PHASELV-KIT, Комплект управления ...
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The 3PHASELV-KIT is a 3 phase BLDC/PMSM low voltage motor control kit. The 3 phase BLDC/PMSM low voltage motor control drive board incorporates all the necessary circuitry needed for development of motor control applications. It incorporates a complete 3 phase power stage, a communication interface, feedback signal handling and the user's interface. All the control, feedback and communication signals are routed to the MCU header connectors. The MCU header incorporates the main MCU controlling the system. The MCU headers can be easily changed to another with a different microcontroller. This modular approach allows for easily porting an application among different controllers. Two BLDC sensorless applications are provided for the attached controllers and source codes are included as well. Applications are already loaded in the controllers and are up and running as soon as a power supply is applied.

• Power supply voltage input from 12Vdc to 24Vdc, extended up to 50Vdc
• Output current of 4A
• Three phase bridge inverter (6 MOSFET's) and three phase MOSFET gate driver MC33937
• Three phase and DC bus current sensing shunts
• DC bus voltage sensing and 3 phase back EMF voltage sensing circuitry
• Encoder/hall sensor sensing circuitry
• Motor power and two signal connectors for MCU daughter board connection
• CAN physical layer
• USB interface
• User LEDs and switches

Полупроводники - Инструменты\Комплекты Разработчика Устройств Управления Двигателями
Код: 2315696

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Производитель Чипа
Номер Ядра Чипа
Тип Приложения Набора
Управление Питанием - Контроль Двигателя
Подтип Приложения
Контроль Трехфазного Бесщеточного Мотора AC
Содержимое Комплекта
Development Board 3PHASELV, MC56F8006, MC9S08MP16 Daughter Board, 2 CD's
Supports the HCS08 + DSC + ColdFire families, BLDC + PMSM + DC motor support

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Datasheet 3PHASELV-KIT