44110, Loose bolt masonry fixing

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44110, Loose bolt masonry fixing
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Rawlbolts - Loose Bolt Rawlbolts™ - Loose Bolt
General purpose anchor bolt with excellent tolerance to variation in hole size. The collapsible ferrule ensures positive clamping force is transmitted to the fixture. Ideal for heavy duty fixings where bolts have to be inserted after positioning the shield and fixture. Suitable for brickwork, concrete and stone. Manufactured from zinc plated steel.

Стеновые анкеры -Болты

Фиксирующие и крепежные детали / Дюбели, анкерные крепления, крепежные детали и наборы / Заглушки, анкерные крепления и крепежные детали /
Rawl Fixings Iron, Steel Masonry Anchor 44110 M10, fixing hole diameter 11 mm, 16 mm, length 90mm

Технические параметры

диаметр крепежного отверстия
11 mm, 16 mm
Iron, Steel
размер резьбы
Shield Anchor Loose Bolt
Maximum Fixing Thickness

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