470.19.1414, Low load flexible membran

PartNumber: 470.19.1414
Ном. номер: 8032147567
Производитель: Huco
470.19.1414, Low load flexible membran
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Miniature Coupling, Greater Radial Misalignment & Lower Bearing Loads
These miniature couplings are highly flexible and have excellent torsional rigidity.

Two Joints with an Interconnecting Shaft
Allows for Greater Misalignment
-40°C to +120°C Temperature Range

Flexible Membrane Couplings
Torsionally rigid, Huco Flex-M precision couplers with excellent kinematic properties, no moving parts and near infinite life., Rated for continuous uni and bi-directional rotation and typically specified for high resolution measuring devices, high gain velocity or motion control systems, position-critical frictional loads, dynamometers, precision encoders etc.

Near infinite, backlash-free life
Dynamically balanced construction
Angular, radial and axial compliance
All metal construction
Low inertia

Пневматика, гидравлика и элементы силовых передач / Трансмиссия - муфты / Мембранные соединения /
Low load flexible membrane coupler,3x3mm

Технические параметры

3 x 3mm
максимальная рабочая температура
Minimum Operating Temperature
момент инерции
60 x 10^-8kg/m²
наружный (внешний) диаметр
Set Screw