516 KIT 2 N/S/W, EDAC516 mounting screw fo

PartNumber: 516 KIT 2 N/S/W
Ном. номер: 8082864223
Производитель: Edac
516 KIT 2 N/S/W, EDAC516 mounting screw fo
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Accessories - EDAC 516 Range

Metal covers and mounting screw sets.
Set 1 - For panel mount 20 and 120-way
Set 2 - For panel mount 38-way, 56-way and 90-way

Разъемы EDAC серии 516 EDAC 516 Range
This extensive range of 8.5A multipole connectors is suitable for use in a wide range of applications where safety and/or ultra-reliability is required. These include audio broadcast, railway signalling, oil and gas industry control systems together with general industrial and automotive control & test systems. These connectors are suitable wherever a multi-pin cable to panel or cable to cable connection is required. The plugs or receptacles of this high density system can form either the fixed or free half of the connector, providing designers with great flexibility.

Guaranteed secure connection
Hermaphroditic metal to metal contact design
Polarized mouldings and metal locators
Crimp, solder or wire wrap contacts
Contacts fit plug and socket

Current rating 8.5A max.
Contact resistance 6mΩ max.
Contact material Phosphor bronze
Contact plating Gold, 0.25-0.5μm over nickel
Insulator material Polycarbonate
Dielectric withstanding voltage 1800V r.m.s. at sea level
Withdrawal force 0.56N to 4.45N per contact pair
Operating temperature -65°C to +125°C

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EDAC516 mounting screw for 38 way cover

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516 Series 38 Way Cover
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Mounting Screw

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