52117-0241, Корпус разъема, стандартный, Серия Mizu-P25, Гнездо, 2 вывод(-ов), 2.5 мм

PartNumber: 52117-0241
Ном. номер: 8043661921
Производитель: Molex
52117-0241, Корпус разъема, стандартный ...
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The Mizu-P25 series wire-to-wire Connector System is the first miniature sealed system in the market to achieve IP67 certification, which provides superior levels of dustproof and waterproof protection along with space savings. It is ideal for applications such as motorcycles or air conditioners that continue to pack more complicated electronics into smaller spaces, the Mizu-P25™ system provides assurance that dust or water will not interfere with signal integrity. The Mizu-P25 family includes two sub-families, the low-voltage system, which is rated up to 125V and the high-voltage system, rated up to 250V. Both versions of the Mizu-P25 family provide some of the smallest mated diameters of any similar system. This helps to meet the needs of makers in various industries to fit wire-to-wire solutions through smaller spaces, holes and hinges.

• 20 to 22AWG Wire range
• 2 to 4 Circuits

Разъемы\Штекерные и Гнездовые Разъемы и Компоненты\Корпусы Штекерных и Гнездовых Разъемов
Код: 2313582

Технические параметры

Линия Продукции
Серия Mizu-P25
Тип Электрического Разъема
Количество Положений
Шаг Контактов
Для Использования с
Обжимными гнездовыми контактами серии 50039

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