53111200+53119100, Cable gland, nylon, black

PartNumber: 53111200+53119100
Ном. номер: 8050372650
Производитель: Lapp Cable
53111200+53119100, Cable gland, nylon, black
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IP68 Metric Nylon Gland
Lapp SKINTOP ST-M cable glands provide vibration protection, oil resistance and strain relief over a wide variety of clamping ranges. Applications include automation technology, use in areas where cables and wires need to be safely inserted into housings, machine and equipment manufacturing, and offshore platforms, equipment and shipyards.

Features and benefits
∙ IP68 rating
∙ High oil-resistance for maximum reliability
∙ Permanent vibration protection
∙ Good chemical resistance
∙ Fast and easy to assemble
∙ Wide, variable clamping ranges
∙ Optimum strain relief

Technical specification
Thread sizeCable Diameter Range (mm)Thread length (mm)
M12 x 1.53.5 - 78
M16 x 1.54.5 - 108
M20 x 1.57 - 139
M25 x 1.59 - 1710
M32 x 1.511 - 2110
M40 x 1.519 - 2810
M50 x 1.527 - 3512

Strain relief in accordance to EN50262

IP65 & IP66 общего применения

Кабели и провода / Кабельные вводы, оплетка и прокладки / Кабельные вводы /
Lapp M12 Black Polyamide Cable Gland, 3.5 → 7mm Cable Dia Range, IP68

Технические параметры

оценка показателя производительности
максимальная рабочая температура
Minimum Operating Temperature
размер резьбы
Maximum Cable Diameter
Minimum Cable Diameter

Дополнительная информация

Sept.03 Missing Table 53111200+53119100
SKINTOP GMP-GL-M Locknuts Data Sheet 53111200+53119100
SKINTOP ST-M Cable Gland Data Sheet 53111200+53119100
UL E79903 53111200+53119100
VDE135320 53111200+53119100
UL E79903
Sept.03 Missing Table
SKINTOP ST-M Cable Gland Data Sheet
SKINTOP GMP-GL-M Locknuts Data Sheet