600EN128CBL, Инкрементный поворотный энкодер, оптический, 300об/мин, 128 импульсов, 5В DC, кабель

PartNumber: 600EN128CBL
Ном. номер: 8037781216
Производитель: Honeywell
600EN128CBL, Инкрементный поворотный энкодер ...
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The 600EN128CBL is an Optical Encoder, uses non-contact technology to convert mechanical rotary motion into a digital electrical output. This output, compatible with transistor-transistor logic (TTL), may eliminate the need for analogue to digital converters. These encoders are rotary devices which contain a rotor and stator pair that create a variable aperture to allow light from a light emitting diode (LED) to pass through to a photosensitive diode. The rotor represents the number of lines (pulses) of the encoder and the stator creates the positioning of the individual outputs or phasing. The varying amount of light allowed through the aperture creates a sine wave output. Internal electronics then amplify and convert this sine wave output into a square wave. Quadrature output allows the user to potentially determine incremental position, direction and speed.

• Non-contact technology, with a minimum of 10-million shaft rotations and promotes long life
• Digital voltage output may eliminate need for analogue to digital converters
• TTL-compatible Output Prevents Triggering of False Highs/Lows Due to Ambient Noise
• Wide Operating Temperature Range of -40 to 65°C Promotes Flexibility in Applications
• Choice of Mounting Terminations Designed to Provide Mounting Flexibility

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Код: 1608199

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