63.9354-22, Перемычка, Jumper, 2 вывод(-ов), 12 мм

PartNumber: 63.9354-22
Ном. номер: 8073796893
Производитель: Multi-Contact
63.9354-22, Перемычка, Jumper, 2 вывод(-ов), 12 мм
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The 63.9354-22 is a 2-way red Jumper Plug equipped with the tried and tested MC-Multilam and make a vibration-proof contact. It is ideally suited for the saving of space in applications such as panels for testing and servicing in the aviation industry. The gold-plated version offers a very low contact resistance and extremely high resistance to corrosion.

• Suitable for BL2-12/20/A socket strips
• 33VAC to 70VDC/10A Rated voltage/current

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Код: 1677194

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