63812-1, Контакт, Серия MK I, 14 AWG, Контакты с Покрытием из Олова

PartNumber: 63812-1
Ном. номер: 8008216318
Производитель: TE Connectivity (Tyco)
63812-1, Контакт, Серия MK I, 14 AWG ...
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The MK I series positive lock Receptacle Terminal specifically designed to provide ease of assembly and secure retention to mating tabs. These unique features are attainable by the reduced insertion force of the product and the locking dimple. The receptacle locks onto mating tabs containing holes and is removable only by deflecting an integrally designed depressor prior to withdrawal. The depressor can be deflected manually by thumb pressure or automatically by a cam inside a specially designed nylon housing. If the housing is employed, removal of the terminal from the tab is performed by simply applying withdrawal force to the housing. In addition to providing a means of disconnecting the terminal, the housing performs its traditional insulating function. Aside from reduced insertion forces, positive lock receptacles give the assembler a definite mechanical snap when the terminal is correctly seated over the mating tab.

• Reduced insertion force
• Locks onto tabs containing holes
• Housing insulates and serves as a removal tool
• Snap action tells assembler receptacle is mated properly
• Terminated by automatic or semi-automatic equipment
• Single and multiple circuit housings available

Разъемы\Штекерные и Гнездовые Разъемы и Компоненты\Контакты Штекерных и Гнездовых Разъемов
Код: 2101903

Технические параметры

Линия Продукции
Серия MK I
Максимальный Размер Провода AWG
Покрытие Контакта
Контакты с Покрытием из Олова
Минимальный Размер Провода AWG
Материал Контакта
Материал Изолятора
Размер Лепестка - Дюймовый
0.25" x 0.032"
Материал Клеммы
Размер Лепестка - Метрический
6.35мм x 0.81мм
Поперечное Сечение Проводника
2 мм²
Тип Клеммы
Гнездовой Быстрого Соединения

Дополнительная информация

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