68786-0005, Micro HDMI-HDMI Cable CAT

PartNumber: 68786-0005
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Производитель: Molex
68786-0005, Micro HDMI-HDMI Cable CAT
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HDMI Type D Micro Cable Assemblies
These HDMI Type D to Type A Micro Cable Assemblies mate with the Series 46765 HDMI Type D Micro, Connectors, see stock number 727-6311 typical.

Cable Impedance is 100 ohms ± 15%.
Propagation Delay (max.) is 2.42 ns per cable.

Adapter cable Stock number 727-6263 is 0.2m long, 32 AWG with a receptacle Type A end.

Molex HDMI Type D Micro Connectors
The Molex HDMI Type D Micro connector meets all mechanical and electrical requirements of the HDMI 1.4 Specification and is only half the size of the current Type C (Mini) connector. These HDMI Type D Micro connectors offer significant space-saving and real estate advantages and is the industry's only I/O solution that allows customers to surpass HD consumer demand. Despite its smaller size, the new HDMI Type D Micro connector delivers equivalent mechanical strength and electrical characteristics of its larger Type C predecessor.

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Micro HDMI-HDMI Cable CAT2 200mm 34 AWG

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