6EH1, Filter,PowerLine,6A,125/2

PartNumber: 6EH1
Ном. номер: 8027628069
Производитель: TE Connectivity (Tyco)
6EH1, Filter,PowerLine,6A,125/2
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Corcom H Series Power Inlet Line Filter for Medical Equipment
Corcom filters are recognized worldwide for providing EMI/RFI filtering solutions. TE offers over 70 Corcom filter series that are suitable for a wide range of applications across multiple industries. All Corcom filters have been designed and tested for susceptibility and/or emissions applications and have received approval from major safety agencies throughout the world including UL, CSA and VDE.

The Corcom H series of power inlet filters are designed for easy connection and installation. They feature a two element circuit which provides EMI attenuation above 1MHz. The low profile design of these power line filters enables space saving and is compliant with the internal spacing requirements for UL60601-1 for medical applications. Minimal leakage current makes H series filters suitable for application in dialysis machines, medical lasers, diagnostic equipment, dentist equipment, operating room equipment, physical therapy equipment, MRT scanners and CAT scanners.

Available with an internal ground circuit inductor (C suffix versions) to isolate equipment chassis from power line ground at radio frequencies
Flanged mounting the similar to the EC, ED and EF Series
Capacitive output (see EAH, EBH and EJH Series for capacitive input types)


TE Connectivity IEC Inlet Filters

IEC appliance plugs with net filter

IEC appliance inlet plugs with integral mains filter. Designed to filter out interference from mains, where capacitators alone could be found to be insufficient. Connection via type 6.35 mm (1/4") terminals.
Suitable isolating grommet: 544-112.

Автоматизация и управление / Электродвигатели, контроллеры и регуляторы, периферийные устройства / Фильтры электромагнитных помех и принадлежности /
TE Connectivity 6EH1 Powerline Filter, 6 A, 250 V ac

Технические параметры

номинальный ток
6 A
2.53 x 0.96 x 0.66 in
диапазон напряжений
250 V ac
Accessory Type
Electrical Phase

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Power Inlet Line Filter for Medical Equipment ...