7100LL1NPK, Precision dispenser syrin

PartNumber: 7100LL1NPK
Ном. номер: 8020726725
Производитель: OKI METCAL
7100LL1NPK, Precision dispenser syrin
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4 210 × = 4 210
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DX250 series Digital Dispenser
The DX250 Series dispenses low, medium and high viscosity fluids accurately and consistently. The DX200 is immediately usable anywhere in the world with its accompanying tools, accessories and unique universal power supply.

Universal power supply with snap-on plug for worldwide use
2-line LCD dot marix display
Digital timing from 0.008 to 99.999 seconds
+/- 0.001% timing repeat tolerances
Adjustable vacuum driven 'suck back' to control tailing & waste
Dispenser Gun to be ordered separately, 10ml-version S/N 505-7821, 30ml-version S/N 505-7540

Selection Guide - Needles
GaugeColourI.D InchesI.D (mm)RS Stock No
23Orange0.0130.330 505-7758
22Blue0.0160.406 505-7556
21Purple0.0200.508 505-7764
20Pink0.0240.610 505-7770
18Green0.0330.838 505-7786
15Amber 0.0541.371 505-7405
14Olive0.0631.600 505-7427

Starter Kit Contents
10cc Receiver Head Assembly - 3ft hose
30/55cc Receiver Head Assembly - 3ft hose
Needle 14 Gauge x 1//2 Olive (qty 1)
Needle 18 Gauge x 1//2 Green (qty 1)
Needle 21 Gauge x 1//2 Purple (qty 1)
Needle 23 Gauge x 1//2 Orange (qty 1)
Needle 25 Gauge x 1//2 Red (qty 1)

Syringe/ Dispenser/ Bottles

Клеи, герметики и ленты / Диспенсеры для клея, герметиков и лент / Шприцы-диспенсеры для нанесения клеевого состава /
Metcal PP, Adhesive Dispenser Syringe, 10mL Capacity

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