72002, Compression adaptor for s

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72002, Compression adaptor for s
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Compression Adaptor

Suitable for use with 1/2 in. BSP Solenoid port to 15mm (compression) pipe fitting
Compression adaptors (sold in multiples of 2)

Two Way Inert Gases and Fluid Valves
Compact solenoid valves suitable for most gas and fluid handling applications. Where practical, valves are shown with a schematic diagram showing the (circuit) function. The diagram is laid out so that the left-hand side of the diagram describes the valves operation when the coil is energised. When the coil is de-energised, the spring (or servo-assist) return controls the valve and is described on the right-hand side of the diagram. The 3 / 2-way designation indicates a valve with three ports and two modes of operation. It is normal practice to refer to 2 / 2-way valves as two ways. The port designations A, B, P, P1, P2 and R are used on the schematic diagrams and are marked on the valve bodies. Valve bodies are marked for a specific circuit function but can often be used for other functions. Reference to the schematic diagrams and technical specifications indicates the appropriate connections and pressure capabilities when an alternative circuit function is required.

Solenoid Valve main functions

Range of solenoid valves suitable for most liquid or gas applications.
Each valve is delivered with an individual operational schematic.
The left section of the schematic shows valve behaviour when the coil is energised.
When the coil is at rest, the valve is controlled by the return spring (or servomechanism). This phase is depicted in the right section of the schematics.
Port descriptions A; B; P; P1; P2 and R are used in the schematics and are marked on the valve bodies. The three-way valve bodies are suited to specific tasks, but may also often be used for other tasks.
References in the operational schematics and various technical characteristics describe the appropriate connections and allowable pressures for valves being used for different tasks.

Водопровод и трубопровод / Клапаны и краны / Переходники и крепления для соленоидного клапана /
Hydralectric Solenoid Valve Adapter 72002

Технические параметры

для использования с
1/2 in BSP Solenoid Port to 15 mm Ccompression Pipe Fitting
Accessory Type