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Производитель: Hirschmann
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GDS Series_5075683_Normal Module GDS series version DIN EN 175301-803 type C

DIN 43650C Hirschmann
A comprehensive range of connectors and plug bases typically for use with solenoid valves on pneumatic and hydraulic equipment. The inner connector can be rotated through 90° increments so the gland can be positioned in all four directions. Housing material is glass-filled nylon making them impact resistant., All Hirschmann appliance connectors feature terminals that can be screwed onto bare or ferruled conductors, or will accept crimp ring/fork terminals under the head of the screw., All are supplied complete with sealing gasket and centre retaining screw, while plug bases are solder terminated and supplied with fixing screws and gasket.

Sockets L. 38mm (overall)
H 27mm (inc. gasket)
M3 retaining screw
Body section 15x15mm
Plug base 17x17mm, H 8.5mm

Разъемы / Силовые разъемы / Комплектующие для промышленных силовых разъемов /
GDSN Series DIN 43650 Solenoid Connector Flat Gasket For Use With GDSN Series Cable Socket

Технические параметры

для использования с
GDSN Series Cable Socket
Accessory Type
Flat seal

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Industrial Standard Series GDS/GDSN Connectors 730176002
Industrial Standard Series GDS/GDSN Connectors