74 12 160, Diagonal Cutting Nippers

PartNumber: 74 12 160
Ном. номер: 8011045386
Производитель: Knipex
74 12 160, Diagonal Cutting Nippers
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Knipex pliers_5045539_normal module Side, end, power cutters
The cutting edges of the KNIPEX diagonal cutters are made from vanadium electric steel and have a long service life. They are made using precision machining and are extremely sharp — ensuring clean cutting of soft and hard wires

Diagonal cutters for versatile use
High-quality material and precision machining for a long service life
Precision cutting for soft and hard wire
Clean cut at the tip, even with thin copper wires
Cutting edges additionally induction-hardened, cutting edge hardness approx. 62 HRC
Narrow head style for use in hard-to-reach areas

Pliers made from chrome-vanadium electric steel, oil-hardened and polished

Power cutters 67 01

Grips with plastic coating.
High cutting performance through optimum power conversion ratio.
For piano wire as well as soft wires.
Cutting edges both inductive hardened

Diagonal cutters 70 01 and 70 02

70 01: Grips with plastic coating.
70 02: Grips with toughened plastic sheaths.
For hard and soft wire.
Inductive hardened precision cutting edges

Diagonal power cutters 74 01, 74 02 and 74 12

74 01: Grips with plastic coating.
74 02, 7412: Handles with toughened plastic sheaths.
Forged pivot axis for hardest inserts.
For piano wire as well as soft wire.
Inductive hardened precision cutting edges.
High cutting performance with little effort

Standards: DIN ISO 5749

Универсальные General Purpose

Кабели и провода / Кабельные принадлежности, хомуты, стяжки и инструмент / Инструменты для перерезания кабеля /
Diagonal Type Cable Cutters, 160mm Overall Length, 3.4mm cutting capacity

Технические параметры

режущая способность
полная длина
Materials Cut
Hard Wire, Piano Wire
Cut Type

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