74408943033, Inductor SMD WE-SPC 4838

PartNumber: 74408943033
Ном. номер: 8107724666
Производитель: Wurth Elektronik
74408943033, Inductor SMD WE-SPC 4838
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WE-SPC Series Magnetically Shielded Wire Wound Chokes
Wurth WE-SPC series extremely small shielded SMD power inductors with a saturation current of up to 13A. The WE-SPC Series offer a high magnetic shielded resulting in a low leakage field, a high self resonance frequency, low self-losses, constant saturation characteristics and are recommended for reflow soldering. Applications for the WE-SPC Series include: Portable power devices; DC/DC converters; PCMCIA cards; Smart phones; PDA's; Digital cameras

Wurth Non Standard SMT Inductors (Chokes)

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Inductor SMD WE-SPC 4838 3.3uH Isat 3.6A 74408943033