744784182A, Inductor WE-MK SMD Multil

PartNumber: 744784182A
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744784182A, Inductor WE-MK SMD Multil
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Wurth 0402 WE-MK Series Multilayer Ceramic Inductors
Wurth WE-MK Series 0402 multilayer ceramic inductors are suitable for use in high frequency circuits. The windings are printed on ceramic substrate. These inductors offer stable inductance over temperature, inductive tolerances of 5%; ± 0.3 nH and an extremely high self resonant frequency. Reflow or wave soldering is recommended for this series.

Ideal applications for these SMD inductors include pagers, oscillators, laptops, PCMCIA-cards, Bluetooth, wireless LAN and filter circuits.

SMT 0402 Inductors (Chokes) Cam & Groove Couplings - Polypropylene

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744784182A WE-MK Multilayer Ceramic SMD Inductor Datasheet 744784182A