74VHC132M, Логический элемент И-НЕ, семейство VHC, триггер Шмитта, 4 элемента, 2 входа, 8мА, 2В до 5.5В

PartNumber: 74VHC132M
Ном. номер: 8001458468
Производитель: Fairchild Semiconductor
74VHC132M, Логический элемент И-НЕ ...
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The 74VHC132M is an advanced high speed CMOS quad 2-input NAND Schmitt-trigger Gate fabricated with silicon gate CMOS technology. It achieves the high-speed operation similar to bipolar schottky TTL while maintaining the CMOS low power dissipation. Pin configuration and function are the same as the VHC00 but the inputs have hysteresis between the positive-going and negative-going input thresholds, which are capable of transforming slowly changing input signals into sharply defined, jitter-free output signals. Thus greater noise margin than conventional gates is provided. An input protection circuit ensures that 0 to 7V can be applied to the input pins without regard to the supply voltage. This device can be used to interface 5 to 3V systems and two supply systems such as battery backup. This circuit prevents device destruction due to mismatched supply and input voltages.

• 3.9ns Propagation delay (tPD)
• Power down protection is provided on all inputs
• 0.8V Maximum low noise (VOLP)
• 2µA Maximum low power dissipation (ICC)
• Pin and function compatible with 74HC132

Полупроводники - Микросхемы\Логические\Вентили и Инверторы
Код: 1014114

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Datasheet 74VHC132M