76.17, Double Hex Pipe SOC 17mm

PartNumber: 76.17
Ном. номер: 8042352495
Производитель: Facom
76.17, Double Hex Pipe SOC 17mm
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1 850 × = 1 850


Pipe wrenches_5062879_Normal Module 6 / 12 point pipe wrenches with opening

Set of pipe wrenches with patented OGV 6-point profile on straight end and 12-point profile on angled end, providing increased torque, longer tool life and protection of nut corners.
The 12 points give a smaller recovery angle (15°).
The angled design and special opening allow tightening of nuts on protruding threaded bolts.

Газовые ключи

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Facom 17 mm Bi-Hex x Hex Drive Socket Wrench, 187 mm Length

Технические параметры

размер привода
17 mm
обработка поверхности
Satin Chrome
полная длина
187 mm
Drive Shape
Bi-Hex x Hex

Дополнительная информация

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