, Relay, solid state 45A 1N

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Производитель: Finder, Relay, solid state 45A 1N
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77 Series - Hockey Puck Solid State Relays
Finder 77 Series - 25, 40 and 50 A panel solid state relays, hockey puck style, specially designed for heater control applications.

48 to 600V ac output
Zero-crossing switch-on version
High switching speed and endurance
Silent, spark and bounce-free switching
Low control power
Relay-style terminal arrangement (input and output terminals on opposite sides)
Mounting on heatsink with screws
IP 20 protection category
Heat-sinks also available for models 77.25, 77.45 and 77.55

Zero Voltage Relays

Temperature can affect current rating; please consult the data sheet for potential derating.

Технические параметры

расположение контактов
44.5 x 36.4 x 57.7mm
Maximum Control Voltage
230 V ac
максимальный ток нагрузки
40 A
максимальное напряжение нагрузки
280 V ac
максимальное время включения
40 ms
минимальный ток нагрузки
250 mA
тип монтажа
Heatsink with Screws, To Heatsink with Screws
ток утечки в выключенном состоянии
10 mA
интервал рабочих температур
-30 → +80°C
тип упаковки
Hockey Puck
тип контакта
Switching Type
Zero Crossing
Minimum Load Voltage
21.6 V ac
Control Voltage Range
230 V ac
Load Voltage Range
21.6 → 280 V ac

Дополнительная информация

77 Series - Modular Solid State Relay Data Sheet