846, DPDT normal tag toggle sw

PartNumber: 846
Ном. номер: 8024769189
Производитель: APEM Components
846, DPDT normal tag toggle sw
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Toggle Switches, Std, 3A

Quick make-and-break silver contacts with long life wiping action
Mounting bush 0.468 in dia., length 11 mm
Biased versions; stock nos 198-8080 & 197-7737 are two-position, biased one way (bias to OFF on ST type)

For biased switches '(on)' refers to momentary 'on' position

Toggle Switches

Momentary function (spring-loaded return): The switch or contact breaker returns to its original position when the load is removed. E.g. bell push)
Stay-put function: The switch or contact breaker remains (stop) in the new position after the load has been removed.

Ultra-miniature switches, gold terminals

A range of switches that are very suitable for circuit board installation and have legs placed in a 2.54 mm (0.1") matrix. The angled versions have a further two supporting legs. These switches are especially suitable when there is limited space on with front sheet or circuit board.

Suitable For low level switching
The terminals sealed with epoxy resin to protect them against dust and fluff.

Переключатели / Тумблеры и принадлежности / Тумблеры /
DPDT Toggle Switch On-On, 3 A@ 250 V ac, Panel Mount

Технические параметры

длина исполнительного механизма
расположение контактов
максимально допустимая мощность включения/выключения контактов
5 A @ 30 V dc
материал контактов
контактное сопротивление
механическая долговечность
1 x 10^4Operations
тип монтажа
Panel Mount
тип контакта
Switch Operation