91111705192L4, Arizona(TM) PVC hose,Gree

PartNumber: 91111705192L4
Ном. номер: 8088115683
Производитель: Merlett Plastics
91111705192L4, Arizona(TM) PVC hose,Gree
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Medium Duty PVC Suction and Delivery Hose Medium Duty PVC Suction and Delivery Hose
An RS brand of PVC hosing designed with a rigid PVC spiral. Flexible and easy to handle, this hosing has excellent crush resistance and is suitable for use in all weathers. It is ideally used within the agricultural industry as tanker slurry hose, injector hose, irrigator and grain animal feed.

White spiral helix in an opaque green PVC
Multi-purpose for medium duty suction and discharge
Excellent weathering and good crush resistance
Suitable for many liquids, slurries, light solids and dilute chemicals
Temperature range -25°C to +55°C

RS, Professionally Approved Products, gives you professional quality parts across all product categories. Our range has been testified by engineers as giving comparable quality to that of the leading brands without paying a premium price.

All data refers to performance at 18°C. Any changes in temperature will affect the performance data.

Всасывающий и напорный рукав

Водопровод и трубопровод / Трубы, тюбинги и шланги / Гибкий трубопровод /
RS PVC 10m Long Green Flexible Ducting Reinforced, 210mm Bend Radius , Applications Various

Технические параметры

Радиус изгиба
внутренний диаметр
Suitable Applications
Chemical, Light Duty Solid, Liquid, Slurries
Outer Diameter

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Linecard - RS Brand A&C Products 91111705192L4
Linecard - RS Brand A&C Products