91522-1, Mate-N-Lok crimp tool,22-

PartNumber: 91522-1
Ном. номер: 8097642499
Производитель: TE Connectivity (Tyco)
91522-1, Mate-N-Lok crimp tool,22-
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TE Connectivity CERTI-CRIMP II Straight Action Hand Crimp Tool
CERTI-CRIMP II straight action hand crimp tool for crimping Mini-Universal MATE-N-LOK contacts. This CERTI-CRIMP II straight action hand crimping tool has a ratchet mechanism that ensures a complete crimp is achieved, an emergency ratchet release, an insulation adjustment knob to regulate the crimp height of the contact insulation barrel during crimping, fixed and movable dies and a location/insulation stop to position the contact and limit the insertion distance of the stripped wire into the contact.
Stock number 302-0489 is a CERTI-CRIMP II hand crimp tool for crimping Mini-Universal MATE-N-LOK contacts with a wire size range of 22 to 18 AWG
Stock number 366-1816 is a CERTI-CRIMP II hand crimp tool for crimping Mini-Universal MATE-N-LOK contacts with a wire size range of 26 to 22 AWG

TE Connectivity Mini Universal MATE-N-LOK™ Range
Based on the Mate-N-Lok series and designed for applications as diverse as HiFi equipment to automotive or anywhere that requires good space utilisation

Allows both male and female contacts to be used in one housing
Polarised housings

Technical specifications
Inter-contact pitch: 4.2 mm
Current rating: 7 A
Operating voltage: 300 V (UL); 250 V (VDE)
Insulation resistance: 1000MΩ
Mechanical endurance: 50 cycles
Materials - casing: nylon 6.6 UL 94-V0
- contacts: tinned brass
Operating temperature: –20 °C → +105 °C

Power Connectors

The following RS power connectors are suitable for direct connection to 240VAC mains unless otherwise stated. Care must be taken when choosing a product for mains connection.

Technical Specifications
Voltage Rating600V AC/DC
Dielectric withstand voltage5kV or 10kV between circuits
Current Rating
Cable plugs/sockets15A max.
PCB lists12A max.
Insulation Resistance1000MΩ min.
Contact Resistance3.5mΩ max.
Temperature Range-55°C → +105°C
Durability50 Mating Cycles
Insulator MaterialNatural polyamide 6.6 to
UL94V-2 or Clear Nylon to UL94V-0
ContactsBrass, Tin Plated
Vertical Pin SwitchesPhosphor Bronze, tin plated

Разъемы / Инструмент и принадлежности для разъемов / Обжимные инструменты /
Mate-N-Lok crimp tool,22-18awg

Технические параметры

тип соединителя
полная длина
сечение провода
22 → 18 AWG
Maximum Wire Size
Minimum Wire Size

Дополнительная информация

114-16017 Application Specifications