931352100, Разъем ввода питания, Серия GDM, Штекер, 250 В, 16 А, Монтаж в Панель, Винт

PartNumber: 931352100
Ном. номер: 8074395250
Производитель: Hirschmann
931352100, Разъем ввода питания, Серия GDM ...
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The GDM series field attachable Valve Connector offers maximum flexibility due to a wide range of variants. Our new field attachable GDM type B valve connectors, developed in particular for use in mechanical and plant engineering, guarantee both a reliable power supply and secure data communication. These benefits significantly improve the availability of components such as magnetic valves, pressure transducers, temperature sensors and flow monitors and enable increased productivity of machines and systems. When it comes to precisely controlling valves, the valve connectors also permit reliable solutions in many industries beyond mechanical and plant engineering. The braking systems on trains or trucks are just one prominent example. Since these valve connectors fulfil all relevant international standards, they can be used anywhere in the world - a major advantage in the age of globalization.

Разъемы\Разъемы Питания\Разъемы Питания
Код: 1620524

Технические параметры

Линия Продукции
Серия GDM
Тип Электрического Разъема
Номинальное Напряжение
Монтаж Разъема
Монтаж в Панель
Тип Оконцовки Контакта

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