932048106, CONNECTOR, STASEI 200, GR

PartNumber: 932048106
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Производитель: Hirschmann
932048106, CONNECTOR, STASEI 200, GR
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ST series_5068282_Normal Module ST series compact connectors

2-, 3- or 5-pole + earth compact connectors for connecting network voltages.
Connectors with small external dimensions and solid construction.
Fitted with a lock mechanism to prevent inadvertent detachment in the event of vibrations.
Used to connect small control mechanisms, servocontrols or line voltage supply on lighting circuits, or for device and machinery construction.

Type: 2 P + T3 P + T5 P + T
Operating current (A): 161610
Contact resistance (mΩ): ≤ 5≤ 5≤ 10
Cable section (mm 2 ): 11.51.5
Cable diameter (mm): 4 → 6.56 → 10
Cable gland: PG 7PG 11PG 11
Impermeability: IP54IP54IP54
Connection: ClampClampCrimp

STASMains plug with cable clamp
STASEIFlush mounting mains plug
STASAPPanel mounting mains plug
STAKMains plug for lead
STAKAPPanel mounting mains plug
STAKEIFlush mounting mains plug
STASILocking bracket

2 pin + earth.3 pin + earth.
Voltage: 250 Vac380 VAC
Current: 16 A16 A
Contact resistance: <5 mΩ<5 mΩ
Contact material: CuZn tinnedCuZn tinned
Connection type: ScrewsScrews
Conductor cross-section: 1 mm 2 1.5 mm 2
Cable gland: PG7PG11
Cable diameter: 4 → 6.5 mm6 → 10 mm
Protection rating: IP54IP54
Temperature: -30 °C →-30 °C →
+90 °C+90 °C
Colour: greygrey

Разъемы / Силовые разъемы / Промышленные силовые разъемы /
ST Series, Panel Mount Male Straight Industrial Power Rated At 16A,250 V ac/dc

Технические параметры

Minimum Operating Temperature
номинальное напряжение
250 V AC/DC
способ концевой заделки
Screw Down
максимальная рабочая температура
Body Orientation
тип монтажа
Panel Mount
номинальный ток

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