99093, Dual operator continuous

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Производитель: Charleswater
99093, Dual operator continuous
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Dual Operator Continuous Monitor
System comprises continuous monitor with 2 satellite modules

Control unit can be mounted at eye level, where it will not impede worksurface area
Control unit LEDs indicate proper grounding of 2 mats/2 operators and continuously display grounding status
The satellite (remote) monitors include monitored single wire wrist strap ground, parking stud and unmonitored ground for guest or equipment
The versatile design allows placement where desired up to 2.1m from the control unit - red LED will illuminate but audio alarm not sound when wrist strap coil cord is snapped on parking stud
Uses reliable wave distortion technology: provides true 100% continuous monitoring; not pulsed current
Requires UK power cord 426-373 or European power cord 305-784 available separately

ESD Continuous Monitors

Системы безопасности и охраны, защита от статического электричества, чистые комнаты / Защита от статического электричества и чистые комнаты / Антистатические устройства непрерывного контроля /
Dual operator continuous monitor, 220V

Технические параметры

напряжение (источника) питания
220V ac
тип контакта
Number of Connections
Monitoring Point
Mat, Wrist

Дополнительная информация

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