A0106X, Square Op Sw Latching, no

PartNumber: A0106X
Ном. номер: 8026057168
Производитель: APEM Components
A0106X, Square Op Sw Latching, no
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AO1 Series Switches - 16mm Operators
Modular construction illuminated and non illuminated Pushbutton, Keylock, Rotary and Emergency Stop switches to fit industry standard 16mm diameter cut-outs. Round, square and rectangular operators can be fitted to single, double, three and four pole switch blocks for a variety of applications. A complete Pushbutton switch assembly requires an operator, switch block, lens and lamp (if illuminated). Keylock and Rotary switches require an operator and switch block, while the Emergency Stop switch comes as a complete assembly supplied with a double pole N/C switch block and a yellow self adhesive label.

Panel sealing to IP65
Gold plated silver contacts
Pushbuttons illuminated with T1 midget groove filament lamp or LED
Keylocks supplied with 2 keys
Rotary lever switches 219-5784 & 219-5762 feature CW lever rotation, all others are CCW lever rotation
For switch blocks & lenses see stk nos 219-5829 & 239-3483 typically
Selection of accessories includes flipguards, flush mounting bezels, PCB sockets and installation tools, see stk nos 278-1262, 325-2800, 325-2816 & 241-5757 typically

Single and double pole PCB socket accessories are suitable for illuminated pushbuttons only.

BEAB, VDE, UL & CSA (Emergency Stop, VDE, UL & CSA only)

Щитовой выключатель Apem на 16, 22 и 30 мм

Переключатели / Модульные переключатели и принадлежности / Модульные переключатели: Корпуса /
IP65 Latching Modular Switch Body For Use With A01 Series -20°C +55°C

Технические параметры

для использования с
A01 Series
оценка показателя производительности
максимальная рабочая температура
Minimum Operating Temperature
интервал рабочих температур
-20 → +55°C
тип переключателя
Square Push Button Operator
Switch Operation

Дополнительная информация

A01/A02 Series Switches Datasheet